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Latest Corrective Action Plan metrics show continued positive sustainment, "hardwiring" trend at Parkland
DALLAS – Parkland Health & Hospital System officials will present an overview of the February Corrective Action Plan (CAP) progress report to the Board of Managers on Tuesday, March 26.

“We are continuing to see a positive and measurable trend of improvements being hardwired throughout the organization,” said Ron Laxton, RN, Parkland’s Chief Implementation Officer and Interim Chief Operations Officer. “This momentum is critical to a successful Medicare Conditions of Participation survey and to sustaining the culture of safety and quality we have worked so hard to create.”

The latest progress report comes on the heels of a system-wide mock survey that took place in February.

“Parkland must stay the course,” added Laxton. “We have made substantial progress, but we must continue our efforts to improve processes and procedures that impact our ability to deliver safe patient care.”

Significant highlights in the CAP progress report include the implementation of case management discharge planning conferences to focus on appropriate level of care for patients upon discharge; the hiring of key Case Management department positions to improve patient discharges; continued improvement in patient flow and decreased wait times in both the main Emergency and Urgent Care departments; and round-the-clock coverage by Nursing Administrative Officers to assist with issues requiring nursing supervision.

Areas targeted for further improvement in March include timelier recruitment, hiring and orientation of new employees to critical vacant positions; continued improvement of clinical documentation; and the creation of a laboratory/nursing task force to develop a standardized and streamlined specimen labeling process.

"I am confident that Parkland is progressing toward completion of the CAP and a successful survey with CMS," said Debbie Branson, Chair of the Parkland Board of Managers. "We still have some areas where we need to improve and we are still working hard to improve those areas. However, as I have said in the past, our job is not done with a successful CMS survey or the end of our Systems Improvement Agreement. We are looking for proof of a sustainable culture of accountability, safety and quality care. That will be our true measure of success."

The presentation to the Board of Managers will be available on March 26. To view past reports, visit http://www.parklandhospital.com/whoweare/corrective_action_progress_reports/.
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